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Lease or rent. The choice is yours.
Units now available for commercial leasing Business must comply with City of Union Gap building codes Contact us for available units Whichever option you choose, a garage storage unit from My Garage NW is the best solution in Yakima for anything you need to store. A garage gives you more space for your money.

My Garage NW storage units provide 1000 square feet of storage capacity compared to 100-300 square feet for traditional units, for the same price per square foot.

My Garage NW units are fully customizable with flooring, frame, sheet rock and paint. You can even add a second floor mezzanine. What you do with your space is up to you. Store a boat, RV or vintage car. Create a man cave for your friends or a studio for your favorite hobby. With 1000 square feet, the possibilities are endless.


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